She wouldn't even have finished the coffee but she had to wash down her multi vitamin and her large calcium capsule and without enough liquid they would be ineffective.

She took out the folder labeled Educational Evaluation, and flipped through the pages. She was on the financial section when her vision began to blur. Miss Pinkerton's vision had never blurred, not in her entire life, so she was quite frightened.

She was thinking about going for help, but she knew she'd never make it down the stairs to the main office. The phone, she thought, as she reached her hand out. But then her stomach started to cramp, almost as though there were a furry animal trapped inside, punching her, in order to break free.

She rose slowly but slumped down again. Her elbow knocked her coffee cup clear across the room, where it smacked on the concrete floor and shattered into a dozen pieces. In her desperation, she clutched the Educational Evaluation papers in her hand and then collapsed to the floor in the most graceful manner.

Her last thoughts as she sank into oblivion was of her dear sister and the little cottage in Maine.

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"Murder at St. Polycarp is Marianna Heusler's delicious tale of intrigue, murder and mayhem. Not since the St. Trinian films has there been a school over-flowing with so many zany characters."

Renee Gardner
The Tap Dancing Gorilla

"St. Polycarp is a school positively bursting with fascinating teachers, eccentric staff members, noisy students...and secrets. By the time the first body is discovered in the teacher's lounge the reader has already plunged into a vividly created world of a school in trouble. Marianna Heusler takes us into the inner workings of St. Polycarp with wit, affection, and an unrelenting pace that keeps the suspense going until the final page. Don't miss this one!"

Bonnie Ramthun
Ground Zero

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