Isabella: It's me again.

Vicki: Actually, it's I.

Isabella: Whatever. There's this new girl in our class. Her name is Eve-

Lauren: She is so weird -

Isabella: Actually, she is just different. Anyway, her father went to a necromancer -

Lauren and Vicki: A what?

Isabella: You know, Stella is a woman who can communicate with the dead. She told Eve's father that Eva's dead mother told her that Eve is in great danger. So Eve hired me -

Vicki: And me -

Lauren: And me -

Isabella: To find out who wants to hurt her and why. So now we're off to visit Stella -

Lauren: Why don't you tell them what we heard about Stella's apartment?

Isabella: Well, Eva's father met Stella when he went there to exterminate -

Lauren: Because the apartment was crawling with cockroaches -

Isabella: We have to go see Stella -

Vicki: And we're supposed to bring umbrellas with us because the cockroaches fall from the ceiling like raindrops -

Lauren: Can't wait -

Isabella: Hopefully, neither can the readers!

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