"Mrs. Heusler’s characters were flawless. Drawn from real life, there were times I expected them to jump right off the screen to me. Reading this terrifying tale at night was a mistake. I had to keep glancing over my shoulder! This novel is dark writing at its best. The author’s command of the storyline and the characters are impressive. This is the kind of spine-tingling, scared-out-of-pants kind of writing that has made so many authors reader’s favorites."

Joyce Lavene
Rhapsody Magazine

"In her debut book, Marianna Heusler has crafted a fast pace true urban fling, a fun read despite the shudderingly dark events. Nothing is predictable, and no let-downs in the plot. Her mother/son relationship especially crackles with emotional authenticity. The satisfying tale ended on a note hinting at a book to come, and I, for one, wait impatiently to read it."

Angela Zeman
The Witch And The Borscht Pearl

"Buried In The Townhouse" by Marianna Heusler is a tale worth telling. From the first moment you’re entranced in a legend that can only be a dream. How could something so sinister and unreasonable be true? However, you start to believe it is. Shivering, you will crouch in your seat as you watch one after another terrifying events start to unravel in this fast-paced spine tingling story of time past and present."

Kim Gaona
Kim’s Reviews

"Marianna Heusler’s twisted and convoluted plot masterfully weaves a number of mysteries into a satisfying conclusion. As comedic mishaps turns deadly, the masterful storytelling lures the reader into a maze of suspects, motives and dangerous rooms. Indeed, Heusler’s marvelous talent in words leads the reader to understand that even as Christina becomes buried in the townhouse’s problems and secrets, so do the bodies of its victims. Highly recommend."
Cindy Penn

"You won’t put this book down until you reach the surprising conclusion. Spiced with humor, this page-turning mystery will have you chuckling aloud, even as you hold your breath wondering when the killer will strike again. A must read."

Mary Last
Critic for Pocono Newspapers

"Marianna Heusler’s novel is an entertaining read and combines a natural writing style with a shrewd use of humor that keeps the reader engrossed...Buried In The Townhouse is one of the most entertaining novels I have read in a long time. I felt myself laughing out loud, which is a rarity for me...Buried In The Townhouse is an enjoyable book, and should be on any mystery lover's list of must-reads."

Lise Hull

Buried in the Townhouse is available at Amazon.com or your local bookstore can order the novel for you.

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